Going Webcentric

27 April 1999 6:30 pm

Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

Going Webcentric

The impact of the Internet on the book supply chain.

The Internet is having an effect on book and journal distribution – what will happen to those who do not adapt?

Is there room for the traditional and the web?

Will web supply affect prices?

Who will be the major players, current wholesalers with established outlets, newcomers to book distribution or own brand retailers?

What are the problems of Internet supply?

What are the determinants for success of web distribution?

What does the Internet offer, which the non-electronic supply, chains don't?


  • Steven Blackburn — Steven Blackburn is Marketing and Commercial Manager for Bol.com, Bertelsmann's online bookshop.
  • Bob Shingleton — Bob Shingleton is Head of Business Development for The Bertram Group, the UK's largest Book Wholesaler and Library Supplier.

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