Flyff Fantasy’s Guild System: Complete Guide

Flyff Fantasy’s Guild System: A Complete Guide

Flyff Fantasy is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Gala Lab Corp. In the game, players assume the role of characters in a world where they flyff Fantasy can engage in quests and battles, interact with other players, and join guilds. Guilds are organizations formed by players who share a common goal or interest, and they offer a variety of benefits to members. In this guide, we will take a detailed look at Flyff Fantasy’s guild system and explore its features.

Joining a Guild

To join a guild, a player must be level 20 or above. Once you meet the level requirement, you can use the Guild Manager NPC in any town to search for and apply to join a guild. You can search for a guild based on its name, member count, and level requirement. Once you find a guild you like, you can click on the “Apply” button to send your application. The guild master or an officer will review your application and decide whether to accept or decline it.

Creating a Guild

Creating a guild requires a Guild Certificate, which can be obtained from the Cash Shop or from other players. Once you have a Guild Certificate, you can talk to the Guild Manager NPC in any town to create your guild. You will need to choose a name for your guild and set a level requirement for new members. You can also choose to set a maximum number of members and a guild emblem. The guild emblem can be designed using a special interface and will appear on the guild members’ capes.

Guild Levels

Guilds have levels that determine their maximum number of members, storage capacity, and the types of buildings they can purchase. Guilds gain experience from completing quests, defeating monsters, and participating in events. When a guild reaches a certain amount of experience, it levels up. Higher-level guilds can have more members, better storage, and access to special buildings such as the Guild House or the Guild Arena.

Members and Ranks

Guilds can have up to six ranks, each with a different set of permissions and responsibilities. The guild master is the highest rank and has complete control over the guild. The officers are the second-highest rank and can perform most of the same actions as the guild master, except for disbanding the guild. The other ranks are the regular members, who have limited permissions such as using the guild storage and chatting with other members.

Guild Storage

Guilds have a shared storage called the Guild Warehouse, which is used to store items that can be accessed by all members. Only officers and the guild master can withdraw items from the Guild Warehouse. The Guild Warehouse has a limited capacity, and higher-level guilds have access to larger storage.

Guild Buildings

Guilds can purchase or build special buildings, such as the Guild House or the Guild Arena. The Guild House is a private area for guild members where they can relax, craft items, and chat with each other. The Guild Arena is a special PvP arena that only guild members can enter. These buildings require a lot of resources and teamwork to build, but they offer a unique experience for guild members.

Guild Quests and Events

Guilds can participate in quests and events that are exclusive to guilds. These quests and events are designed to promote teamwork and strong guild relationships. Completing these quests and events can give experience, items, and other rewards that benefit the entire guild.

In Conclusion

Flyff Fantasy’s guild system offers a unique and immersive experience for players who want to work together to achieve a common goal. Guilds offer benefits such as shared storage, unique buildings, and exclusive quests and events. Whether you join a guild or create your own, the guild system is a great way to connect with other players and develop strong bonds within the game community.