Modern Furniture Stores

Modern Furniture Stores

If you’re searching for a new furniture store, you might be tempted to visit a local one. There are several options in town. Check out Ferm Living, CB2, and Modern Mode Furniture Store, just to name a few. Each of these stores features some unique pieces that can enhance your home.

Ferm Living

The Danish design brand, Ferm Living, produces modern and classic home furnishings. These pieces combine Nordic tradition with global traditions to create comfortable and calming environments. Their products are made with high-quality, sustainable materials and feature clean, modern lines that can be used for many years. The brand also offers discounts to professionals and trade accounts.

Ferm Living is based in Copenhagen and works with designers from around the world. Their collections combine the Scandinavian sense of style and functionality with global competence and an uncompromising eye for detail.

Lignet Roset

If you’re looking for a modern furniture store that offers beautiful and innovative designs, you can’t go wrong with a Ligne Roset furniture store. This French company has a long history of working with innovative designers. They’ve collaborated with the Bouroullec brothers, Didier Gomez, Pierre Paulin, and many others. They’ve also won numerous Red Dot and VIA awards. And they’re not just local; their designs are available throughout the world.

A family-run business, Ligne Roset began in 1860 when Antoine Roset set up a wood-processing factory in Montagnieu. He soon expanded into manufacturing chairs and other furniture. His sons, Jean and Emile, took over the company in the early 1900s. Eventually, Jean Roset, a furniture designer, began developing collections for homes and public settings. The brand expanded to include upholstered furniture, dining sets, and bed frames.


The CB2 furniture store offers modern and funky furniture and decor, at reasonable prices. It is the younger sibling of Crate & Barrel and is known for its clean lines and trendy styling. You can browse their catalog to get a feel for what you’d like to purchase. However, there have been complaints about the quality of the products, as well as delivery problems.

Dining tables are a staple of CB2 shoppers. These tables come in all kinds of styles and materials, from wood to marble, concrete, glass, and metal. The prices range from $180 to $3,500, depending on the material. CB2 also offers dining chairs, which can cost anywhere from $90 to 900 dollars.


If you’re looking for affordable furniture, IKEA may be the right choice for you. Their furniture is typically easy to assemble, and they even include all the hardware you need to get started. However, you’ll likely have to spend some time assembling the furniture yourself. The low prices of the IKEA furniture make this a tempting option, but it’s also likely that you won’t buy the same piece again.

IKEA has many locations across the world. In the United States, you can find stores in cities such as Charleston, North Carolina, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Jacksonville. The company has more than a thousand stores worldwide, although most of them are located in North America.


Wayfair is an online retailer that specializes in home decor and furniture. Its target market is women between the ages of 45 and 55, and it has recently added Design Services, which allows you to schedule an appointment with an interior designer virtually. The store has a reputation for great customer service and has received excellent ratings from consumers.

The Wayfair website allows you to search for furniture and decor, but its mobile app makes it even easier to shop. The app allows you to see the product you are considering in your home and browse real customer reviews. It also provides quick customer support and lets you create lists and 3D room layouts. It is also possible to create wedding registries through the app.